1. To combat tuberculosis in Sabah by all available means including the provision of relief to dependents of sufferers from the disease.

  2. To organize seminars and forums to discuss ways and means to eradicate tuberculosis and to arouse awareness about the disease among the public.

  3. To organize welfare service to assist persons suffering from tuberculosis.

  4. To collect funds to finance the projects to combat tuberculosis in Sabah with prior approval from the relevant authorities and to provide relief to dependents of sufferers from the disease.

  5. To encourage the members to take an increasing measure of responsibility in the welfare activities organized in the State.

  6. To safeguard the legitimate interests of persons suffering from tuberculosis.

  7. To look after and maintain any property entrusted to the Society for welfare purposes.

  8. To hold or invest and deal with moneys of the Society not immediately required, provided that it is in compliance with the requirement of the investment policy as determined by the Director General of Inland Revenue.

K.J.Joseph ,

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