Black Belt Council (BBC)


Shitokai Sabah Black Belt Council (BBC) is a revival of the existing Technical Committee and it was formed in 2005. BBC is the sub-committee of the Shitokai Sabah EXCO & is led by a group of senior students which consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, 3 Directors and a Co-coordinator guided & advised by Chief Instructor. This BBC will look into the development of 3 areas which are Technical & Coaches, Examiners Council and Referee & Judges. The objectives of BBC for these areas are:-


Technical & Coaches Development is looking into the standardization on of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do basic & advance techniques, Bunkai related to KATA & Kumite, to develop qualities and competence Coaches and Instructors.


Examiners Council (EC) is regulating the standard of grading and syllabus for Junior and Senior students, to enhance and appoint qualities and competence examiners to conduct grading in-according to grading syllabus and its requirement.


Referee & Judges Development is creating a pool of Referees within the organization, to enhance the latest updated of WKF rules and to increase the number of qualified MAKAF, AKF & WKF Referees & Judges.


BBC will look into the basic way to improve the competencies for Black Belt members through conducting seminars, workshops or joint trainings. Members of Black Belt Holder would hunger to look forward for more similar kind of courses or keep in touch with the BBC to update themselves with the latest changes.


Shitokai Sabah EXCO believed that this website would be able to inform members with the latest news and be able to keep in touch or a way to meet up with the juniors & seniors through these regular seminars, workshops & joint trainings to exchange information.