The Beginning of Shitokai Sabah





 The school of Shitoryu Karatedo in Sabah was started in 1995 by two Sabahans from Shitoryu Karatedo School in Brunei and Kuala Lumpur. They are John Jikum and Thomas SC Chong.



Kyoshi Thomas SC Chong

Renshi John Jikum


WSKF (Shitokai-JKF) : Godan

WSKF (Shitokai-JKF) : Yondan

Seito Shitoryu: Rokudan

Seito Shitoryu: Godan



 The school of Shitoryu Karatedo in Sabah has since, contributed immensely towards the development and popularization of Shitoryu Karatedo, not only at Sabah state level, National level, but Asia Pacific and  World level as well.





 Sabah Shitoryu Karatedo Association (Shitokai Sabah) or Persatuan Shitoryu Karatedo Negeri Sabah was officially established in 15 February 2012. It has been instrumental in creating awareness amongst the public on the positive results that Karate-do could contribute when approached in balanced manner between the physical and spiritual aspects of the art.





Although in terms of learning more about the "DO"  Shitokai Sabah still "look" to Japan in keeping abreast with the development of Karate-Do training encompassing the physical, spiritual, mental, psychological and philosophical ideals.