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The Supreme authority of the Association shall be vested in Delegates’ Conference. The Executive Committee and the Standing Committee shall transact all business arising from and in between the Conference.

The President of the 36/37th SUCCC (2000-2002) is Datuk Seri Panglima Sari Nuar, who has occupied the post since 1989. He is also elected as a Vice-President of ACCCIM.


Working Committees


 ASEAN (AFTA) TRADE MISSION Schedule March To June 2001 Is On For Registration Till 8th January 2001 !!!





Photo (left): 37th Installation Dinner with Chief Minister, YAB Datuk S.P. Hj. Osu as Guest of Honour (From left, Tan Kim Beng, DSP Sari Nuar, YAB DSP Hj. Osu, DSP Chong Nyuk Yong)

Photo (right): SUCCC Delegates led by Deputy President, Datuk S.P. Chong Nyuk Yong courtesy call to MSC K.L. on 22/09/00




 Photo (left): Chairman of Supervisory Committee, DSP Mohd Gan with Chief Minister, YAB Datuk S.p. Hj. Osu at the 37th swearing-in ceremony

Photo (right): Hon. Secretary General, Tan Kim Beng representing SUCCC at the 54th ACCCIM AGM held in Kuala Lumpur on 23/09/00



 Photo (left): Vice President Datuk Kenneth Yen presenting prize to winner at the Inter-Chambers of Commerce Friendly Golf Tournament held on 17/06/00 at SGCC

Photo (right): Minister of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China courtesy call to Chief Minister, YAB Datuk S.P. Hj. Osu led by Datuk Sari on 22/08/00



 Photo (left): Courtesy call from China Dunhua Delegates, signing of MOU on 12/05/00

Photo (right): Courtesy call from Phillipines Chinese Chamber of Commerce on 28/06/00


 Photo (left): Opening Ceremony by sponsors at the Education Fund raising concert on 11/12/00 at Yayasan Sabah Auditorium

 Photo (right): Signing of Supplementary Agreement on Lowcost Housing Projects on 14/10/00
From Left: Datuk Kenneth Yen, Mr. Sylvester Disimon (LPPB - G. Manager), Datuk Seri Panglima Chong Nyuk Yong, Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd. Salleh (LPPB Chairman), Datuk Hj. Ali Lope



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